Sometimes we face a challenge and it feels like we can’t do it, but most of the time the only reason we can’t do it is because we tell ourselves we can’t do it.Isn’t that funny, daily challenges seem so hard to us but remember how far we have come.
We’ve grown up and done impossible things before.
We learned to walk, we started talking, reading and writing.
Remember when you were younger and those things seemed so hard to do and look at you now.Those were challenges we faced when we were younger and look at you now.
You’re reading this post. So you overcame that challenge.
Why can’t you overcome the challenge you face now?Are you scared to fail? Well then stand back up and try again like you did after falling down trying to walk.
Maybe you think you can’t do it because somebody told you that you wouldn’t make it.
Well prove them wrong, screw them. They can’t tell you what you can and cannot do.A couple of years ago I lost my job in a car garage and my old boss told me I wouldn’t get far in life.
I didn’t let him bring me down.
At this point in my life I work in a garage I own with a partner and I’m doing great.
When I move to America I have jobs lining up to have me as a mechanic with the things I know.
And my old boss, he had to close his garage because he wasn’t earning enough to stay open.So stand up you beautiful and strong person and show them what you can do.
I believe in you and you will come far in life.You can do this. 💜-Jason

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