Hi everyone,TODAY IS THE DAY!

So, two announcements:

1. This blog continues to blow my expectations out of the water and I am now having trouble keeping up with its growth on my own! As a result, I have put together a SUPER AMAZING team of people who have agreed to help me with writing content and answering messages. Their names are Hunter Renee, Liv, and Jason; we will be adding a few more people over the next few days, as well. Thanks to these awesome people, we will be posting more every day and answering questions in a more timely manner, so feel free to overwhelm us with questions!! Introductions to each of the contributors will be made later today.

2. I have taken a very big step and set up a WordPress blog that is exactly the same as my Tumblr blog, just much more advanced technologically and is an actual website format. There are multiple pages on that blog and there is even an application that you can submit so that you can become part of the team, too. I would absolutely love it if you could go follow my WordPress blog! Just look up and it’s right there! 

Remember that none of this would be possible without all of YOU! I think the fact that so many people are even interested in being better than what they’ve experienced truly makes the world a better place…💜 



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