Hi everyone,
I know some of you have noticed I’ve been having a really hard time lately and it’s true. The past few weeks have been some of the most depressing in a really long time.

Here’s what’s been going on….

• So, my fiancé and I were planning to get married on April 1st and then there were delays with his paperwork so now we have to postpone the wedding, which has devastated me.

• My fiancé had a job all lined up for when we got married and then the company hired someone all of a sudden and now he has to start the search over again.

• We found out that my fiancé can’t work for up to 3 months after we get married while he’s waiting for his work permit, so we will either have to use our savings, which we had hoped to use for a European honeymoon, or I will have to get a job. 

• I started searching for a job and found that people will pay a TON of money to have nanny. I ended up taking a job that paid pretty low and is pretty far away, but the family is great and there are opportunities for pay raises and more hours. However, someone reached out to me who’s much closer, will pay double, and let me work double the hours. I’ve decided to go to the interview and if it goes well I will take the job and quit my other nanny job. I feel horrible about this because I already committed to the first family, but I just can’t pass up this new opportunity! The downside is that the new job will have really weird hours and take time away from my fiancé and I seeing each other. 

• The nanny job is hard on me because it makes me miss my babies… it’s kind of heartbreaking.

• I had to shut my Instagram account down due to a security breach.

• My best friend is in the hospital and has been there for over a week. I’ve been over there almost every day this week and I just want her to be okay… 

These things are just causing me a lot of emotional turmoil and I need things to stop going wrong. Every little thing has started to fall apart and I’m so frustrated about it. Please just pray for me… 

I really appreciate all of your kind messages and the fact that you’re all wondering if I’m okay. You’re truly some of the best people in the world. I’m proud of how deeply you can love despite your pain 💜



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