Think about it…. this is really smart. I want you guys to see my heart on this issue. After all of the damage our “ships” suffered from other people and even ourselves, we are the only ones who come back to fix the damage. It’s like someone trashing your house and leaving you to the hard, clean-up work. So the point of this is that depression is not your fault, but you are the one who puts the pieces back together. Learning how to ward off the bad things people say and the bad things people do to you is a vital tool to recovery. Consider this situation: someone tells you that you’re fat. You have a choice in this situation. You can either take this to heart or you can take apart the situation and analyze it. I always analyze the situation. Think about this: “If someone is saying that you’re fat. Why would they do that? People don’t say things unless they’ve heard it. So, now you can conclude that they’ve heard someone say to them that they are fat.” You, of all people, know how it feels to be called fat and you would never wish that pain on anyone, yet the person right in front of you is feeling just the same pain as you. The difference is how the pain is handled. I love the saying “hurt people hurt people”. I know for a fact that people usually don’t criticize something about other people unless they would say it about themselves. That tells us a lot. I know for a fact that people who have called me a slut have called themselves a slut multiple times. What people say to you is a mirror image of how they feel inside about themselves. Don’t react in a hurtful way to the people who hurt you, even though they might deserve it. Your job is to realize that they are hurting just as much as you and they don’t know how to get the pain out, so it comes out as verbal or physical attacks. Love them and be kind to them like you wish people would be to you. Tell them they look nice. Tell them they are beautiful. It doesn’t matter how they react because your words are slowly melting their icy heart. All of you guys are amazing and you have the ability to turn negative situations into positive ones. Remember that people are never born with hate, hate is learned. So if someone is hateful… they learned it somewhere. Be gracious with them. Be patient with them. They will come around. I have seen people who hated me come full circle to ask for my advice. We as human beings are powerful… never forget it 💜Also, thank you so much for the support you showed me regarding me last post. It really made me feel better to get that off my chest and read your responses. I truly love you all to pieces and don’t know what I’d do without you 💜

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