This is something really profound that I have learned throughout my recovery. Despite the trials, the pain, and the trauma…. I bloomed where I was planted. I didn’t get planted in the fertile soil next the the water, I got planted in soil that was then covered by concrete. And to be honest… A lot of us got planted there. I would like to think that although concrete was placed on our shoulders, we were resilient and we were determined to grow; so we grew. We pushed back on the concrete harder than the concrete pushed on us and we cracked the concrete. We cracked the concrete and we finally got to do what we had always wanted to do: grow. We saw the sunlight, we felt the cool breeze, and we became the life amongst the stone cold of the world. So please remember, no matter where you’re planted, you will bloom, you will grow, and you will inspire others if you choose to do so. Nothing is impossible, not even when you’re planted underneath the concrete 💜 Just food for thought 🍕💭

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