Good Read: Isn’t It Crazy 💜

Isn’t it crazy that this world is all we know. That’s it. The sky. The clouds. The ocean. The trees. And it’s crazy for me to think that there’s more than this. One day we will no longer live here… It will be too hot, or maybe too cold. Maybe all the oceans will dry up, or maybe they will flood everything. Maybe we’ll live through it… Maybe we won’t. But do this for me. Look up at your sky and think about how one day we will no longer live here. No more airplanes… Skyscrapers…cars. The world that we know it will cease to exist. But the good news.. Is that we are trading those things for roads of gold…everlasting love… A world with no pain… No tears…. No loss of life…. No rape… eating disorders. So, before you decide to pick up that razor… Or Skip that meal….or pull the trigger….remember that there is more than this world. There is more than the pettiness we deal with in high school. More than the pain we are forced to deal with. More than the tears that are staining our cheeks. There is a place that will make up for all of this. It’s called heaven.



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